Introducing the Faux Jade Leaf Ball with an impressive diameter of 18.5 inches. Crafted with botanical precision, this ornament is a testament to nature's beauty combined with modern aesthetics. Its UV stability and weather resistance make it a perfect adornment for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Constructed from high-quality plastic, it promises durability and longevity. The ball comes fully assembled, ensuring hassle-free placement.

**Usage Suggestions:**
1. **Grand Entryway:** Position it at your home's entrance, creating a welcoming ambiance for guests.
2. **Poolside Elegance:** Enhance your pool area by placing a couple of these balls, adding a touch of greenery without the upkeep.
3. **Corporate Spaces:** Elevate office lobbies or conference rooms with this Faux Jade Ball, offering a serene and calming atmosphere.

Embrace the harmony of nature and artistry with this versatile Faux Jade Ball, ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings.

• Diameter: 18.5"
• Botanically accurate
• UV Stable
• Weather Resistant
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and variable weather conditions.
• Made of plastic
• Ball arrives assembled
• SKU: 6745N0201
Minimum purchase: 2 units
(must be purchased in quantities of 2, price shown is per 1 item)

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