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Discover the charm of the Faux Jade Leaf Ball, spanning a generous 15 inches in diameter. With botanical accuracy at its core, this ornament is a perfect blend of nature's essence and contemporary design. Its UV stability and weather-resistant properties ensure it remains as captivating as ever, irrespective of its placement. Crafted from premium plastic, it promises both durability and an aesthetic appeal. The ball is delivered fully assembled, ensuring an effortless setup.

**Usage Suggestions:**
1. **Balcony Beauty:** Place it in your balcony space, adding a touch of greenery and elegance.
2. **Lounge Luxury:** Position it in your lounge or reading nook for a serene and calming ambiance.
3. **Event Elegance:** Use it as a decorative piece for events or parties, enhancing the overall theme and decor.

Dive into a world where nature meets artistry with this Faux Jade Ball, apt for both indoor and outdoor environments.

• Diameter: 15"
• Botanically accurate
• UV Stable
• Weather Resistant
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and variable weather conditions.
• Made of plastic
• Ball arrives assembled
• SKU: 6725N0201
Minimum purchase: 2 units
(must be purchased in quantities of 2, price shown is per 1 item)

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