Artisan Baskets (Download PDF)

Artisan baskets handwoven in the Caribbean by local artisans.

French Lavender (Download PDF)

Experience our line of French Lavender bunches, buds, and sachets.

Preserved Boxwood (Download PDF)

See our full catalog of Preserved Boxwood designs.

New Boxwood Designs (Download PDF)

See our newest Preserved Boxwood designs centered around this classic look.

Real Touch English Roses and Real Touch Tulips (Download PDF)

A flower by any other name is not the same. Our botanically correct Real Touch Austin Rose Stems
and Real Touch Tulip Stems are like touching the real thing.

Summer, Fall and Holiday Wreaths (Download PDF)

Over 20 new wreath designs, limited stock of these wreaths, summer, fall and holiday styles to choose from.

Weather Resistant Boxwood and Jade Leaf (Download PDF)

See our latest Faux Boxwood and Faux Jade Leaf offerings. While designed for outdoor use, our wreaths, balls, lattice and other unique designs are simply stunning even when presented indoors.

Woven Striped Ribbon (Download PDF)

Classic canopy striped ribbon in assorted colors.