Testimonials, photos, and reviews are collected from social media, surveys, and review boards.

Moss & Embers - "Marla has been positively amazing! We are a new home decor and gift company and she’s been an invaluable support for us! Recently received our first order and was floored by how quickly we got it and how nice everything looked! Look forward to a long and lasting relationship and friendship with everyone at Mills Floral Company! Thank you for helping us get Moss & Embers launched! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

Essence of the Garden - "Seriously the highest of quality. Very very pleased! Thank you for hassle free customer service and excellence in product selection."

Rustic Antiquities at Marketplace - "We sure appreciate you guys. Always timely and packed well."

Anonymous - "I am new in business and have been so impressed with the great customer service and help I received! Love the products!"

Anonymous - "I just placed my first wholesale order and was very impressed with their customer service, quick delivery and quality products.  I placed a follow up order immediately and look forward to purchasing more from this excellent company."

Anonymous - "When I called with questions, I actually had the opportunity to speak with a person not a machine. Friendly and very helpful. I will continue to shop on their website."

Anonymous - "Orders are processed and shipped in a very timely fashion. Customer service is very helpful."


Customer Usage Photos:

We love being able to share and inspire others with our customers amazing designs. If you would like to submit a photo to be featured in this section, tag us in the photo on social media or email bswanson@millsfloral.com with the subject line "MFC Product Usage Photo."


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