Berry Balls

Immerse yourself in the enchanting variety of the Berry Ball collection from Mills Floral Company, where each 4-inch sphere is a celebration of color and texture. From the warm hues of the Golden and Coco Berry Balls to the cool serenity of the Aqua and Sage, this collection offers a shade for every mood and theme. The Pearl Berry Ball adds a touch of sophistication with its subtle sheen, while the vibrant Orange and Red Berry Balls bring a lively zest to any space. The Forest Berry Ball grounds you in the richness of nature with its deep, woodland tones, and the Royal Blue exudes a stately elegance. For a softer touch, the Cream Green Berry Ball whispers of spring with its light and airy appeal.

Together, they form a kaleidoscope of decor possibilities, perfect for seasonal displays, centerpieces, or simply as joyful accents in a living space. Each Berry Ball, with its lush, berry-laden design, invites a sense of abundance and festivity, making the collection a versatile choice for businesses looking to enhance their environment or for anyone wishing to bring a touch of nature-inspired beauty into their space.