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Embrace the rejuvenating spirit of spring with our Spring Mountain Wreath. Bursting with vibrant life, this eye-catching piece features an artful blend of sun-kissed yellow sunflowers, lush marigold blooms, and sprightly green foliage. Each element is thoughtfully arranged on a sturdy grapevine base, creating an organic yet lively tableau that promises to brighten any door or wall. This wreath not only symbolizes the renewal of nature but also brings a dash of everlasting sunshine into your home, making it a cheerful addition all year round. Whether it's welcoming guests at your front door or adding a pop of color to your interior decor, this wreath's timeless appeal ensures it fits beautifully into any setting.

• Dimensions: 20 Inch Diameter, 6 Inch Depth, 8 Inch Center Hole
• SKU: 9521FD1601
• Minimum Purchase: 1

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