Bask in the full glory of spring with this stunning Prairie Flower Wreath. A profusion of blooms in a kaleidoscope of colors — sunny yellows, rich purples, vibrant oranges, and pinks — dance amidst lush green foliage, forming a circle of life and color. At 22 inches, this wreath is a substantial and vivacious statement piece, ideal for greeting guests at the front door or as a joyful centerpiece in living spaces. Each flower is carefully chosen to represent the diverse beauty of a wildflower meadow, bringing a spontaneous, just-picked look that's eternally fresh. No need to worry about seasonal changes; this wreath maintains its splendor throughout the year, offering a daily reminder of nature's enchantment.

• Dimensions: 22 Inch
• SKU: 5106Q0801
• Minimum Purchase: 2
( price shown is for 1; must be purchased in quantities of 2 )

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