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GREY SQUIRREL – Handmade Grey – Minimum 3. The grey squirrel is native to the eastern USA and is a crafty critter, sometimes pretending to bury his food to fool other animals. This 3-inch grey squirrel is made of a “brush-like” Palm Fiber natural material and fastened to a G.I. wire which is “invisible.”  His legs are made of rattan…and paws hold a simulated nut also made of natural material.  His tiny eyes are seeds, and his ears are a felt material.  The dye used is organic, providing an extended “natural” feel to the product.  Even though grey squirrels may be a nuisance in their attic, your customers will love bringing this adorable squirrel into their homes for a touch of whimsy.

 There is a cumulative $75 minimum for the Animal Decorative items. When ordering these items make sure your total order is at least $75 or we will be unable to complete your order.

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