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Experience the charm of nature with our Faux Boxwood Tree Wreath, a delightful addition to any space. Crafted with precision, this 21.5-inch wide by 25.5-inch tall tree wreath showcases the beauty of lifelike boxwood leaves, offering a lush green appearance that's reminiscent of a real boxwood tree. Whether you're looking to enhance your indoor ambiance or elevate your outdoor decor, this piece is UV stable, weather-resistant, and perfect for any setting.

**Usage Suggestions:**
1. **Festive Front Door:** Hang it on your front door, and consider adding festive decorations or twinkling lights for a holiday touch.
2. **Garden Centerpiece:** Position it in your garden or patio, blending seamlessly with other plants and flowers.
3. **Living Room Decor:** Place it in a corner or near a window in your living room, adding a touch of greenery to your interiors.
4. **Event Décor:** Use it as a centerpiece or backdrop for events, parties, or weddings, adding a touch of nature to the festivities.

Constructed on a durable wire frame with an attached hook for effortless hanging, the Faux Boxwood Tree Wreath is not just a decorative piece but a symbol of nature's timeless beauty. Suitable for variable weather conditions, it ensures lasting elegance and charm.

• Dimensions: 21.5 inches wide X 25 inches tall
• UV Stable
• Weather Resistant
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and variable weather conditions
• Artificial Boxwood 
• Constructed on a wire frame
• Hook attached for hanging
• SKU: 6743N0601
• Master Case Pack: 6
Minimum purchase: 1 unit

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