Introducing the Faux Boxwood Roll 4' x 8' - a touch of nature's elegance without the upkeep! This lifelike roll is perfect for those looking to enhance their space with a touch of greenery, whether it's for privacy or purely aesthetic purposes.

**Key Features:**
- **Versatile Application**: Whether you're looking to cover poles, walls, or scaffolding, this roll is designed to fit seamlessly. Its configurable 12" grid backing ensures easy installation.
- **Indoor / Outdoor Ready**: Made to withstand variable weather conditions, it's UV stable and weather-resistant. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
- **Realistic Design**: Covered in rich green lifelike boxwood leaves!

**Usage Suggestions:**
1. **Garden Privacy**: Use it as a roll for cover to create a private oasis in your backyard or balcony.
2. **Event Backdrop**: Perfect for events or weddings, offering a lush green backdrop for photos.
3. **Home Décor**: Enhance your living room or patio walls with a touch of greenery.

• Dimensions: 4' x 8'
• Configurable 12" grid backing
• UV Stable
• Weather Resistant
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and variable weather conditions.
• Some items ship in oversize cartons, additional shipping fees may apply
• SKU: 6717N3201
• Minimum purchase: 1 unit

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