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Experience the allure of nature with a modern twist with our Faux Boxwood Ball, now in a striking 18.5-inch size. This beautifully designed sphere is a harmonious blend of nature's beauty and contemporary craftsmanship. Whether you're looking to spruce up an indoor setting or elevate an outdoor space, this ball is your go-to choice.

Constructed with precision, it boasts UV-protected leaves, ensuring that its rich green hue remains vibrant, irrespective of sun exposure or varying weather conditions. Its size is perfect for making a statement, ensuring it becomes the centerpiece in any environment.

**Usage Suggestions:**
1. Enhance your garden by placing it amidst flowering plants for a contrasting effect.
2. Position it in your living room or lobby area for an instant touch of greenery.
3. Use it to accentuate entrances, creating a welcoming ambiance.
4. Combine with other decorative elements like fairy lights or water fountains for a mesmerizing effect.

With the Faux Boxwood Ball, you're investing in a piece that offers nature's charm without the maintenance. It's a perfect blend of elegance, durability, and convenience.

• 18" Diameter
• Made of recycled polyethylene & steel wire
• Use Indoors or Outdoors
• SKU: 6728N0201
Minimum purchase: 2 units
(must be purchased in quantities of 2, price shown is per 1 item)

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