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Introducing the UV Boxwood Wreath - the perfect blend of functionality and style. This round wreath, expertly crafted for both indoor and outdoor use, brings nature's elegance right to your doorstep or living room. Infused with UV protection, it maintains its vibrant green color under the harshest sunlight or the dimmest corner. The wreath's robust design allows for year-round use, creating a welcoming ambiance for every season. Hang it on your front door to add a touch of charm to your entrance, or use it indoors as a stunning wall or centerpiece décor. Its versatility seamlessly complements any setting, making it an essential piece for your home or outdoor spaces.

• Indoor / Outdoor Covered Use
• Wreath Diameter: 16 inches (approximate)
• Inside / Hole Diameter: 4 inches (approximate)
• Depth: 3 inches (approximate)
• SKU: 1303X0201
• Minimum purchase: 2 units
• Must be purchased in quantities of 2 (price shown is per 1 item)

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