Understanding Decor Styles

Published on May 9, 2019

The evolution of home decor has been an interesting road. In the 70’s we embraced the color orange and psychedelic patterns, in the 80’s it was all about the neon colors and pastel oversized furniture, and in the 90’s we welcomed floral patterns in all aspects of the home – couches, wallpaper, you name it! Today’s home decor styles are for the most part a little tamer than in decades past. Many of today’s styles are made popular by networks like HGTV and the DIY Network. People see on TV or online and the style spreads like wildfire. An example of this would be the farmhouse look. These days instead of sticking to a couple of design styles, there are many styles that have become popular to fit each person individually. Sometimes it can be a little hard to distinguish between the different styles, today we are going to spend some time discussing the differences between some of the most popular design styles in 2019.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid Century
Photo Credit: https://www.elledecor.com/design-decorate/room-ideas/g84/midcentury-living-rooms/?slide=3

A popular style used for the practical person who wants simple, functionality. Mid-Century Modern incorporated a lot of design styles from the ’50s and ’60s. This style includes low key fabric styles, unique shapes, clean lines, smooth surfaces and a lot of the furniture pieces featured in this style are made of simple woods and stains. This style also features large windows, warm colors palette, and lamps that make a statement. Add small knick-knacks and simple decor pieces like glassware, a small green topiary or even a clock to add character and charm to any Mid-Century space.


farmhouse 2.jpg
Photo Credit: https://homebnc.com/best-rustic-farmhouse-interior-design-ideas/

This style seems to be one of the most popular right now, thanks to Joanna Gaines. Many of the design elements used in this style are becoming a common request in many home remodeling projects, like farmhouse sinks, exposed wood, and granite countertops. The overall vibe of the farmhouse style is to be warm and inviting and it mixes contrasting pieces for an added pop of flair. Organic, natural materials are key for this design style. Cotton is a great addition to any farmhouse style and makes even the smallest spaces feel cozy. Most of the color schemes involved in this style are neutral colors; white is a must, especially in the kitchen. Avoid using plastics when decorating a farmhouse theme. The use of antiques, old barn doors, mason jars or any type of galvanized pieces are just a few things you can add to top off your farmhouse design.


Photo Credit: https://www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/a23937828/rustic-design-style/

Some may say, ‘Isn’t a rustic style pretty much the same as a farmhouse style?’ That is a valid question and yes! The rustic design style incorporates a lot of farmhouse elements; its all about being natural. So things like cotton, galvanized, moss or dried plants are a must. Having that outdoors vibe indoors is what this design scheme is all about. The difference being that rustic also involves industrial design elements. Raw wood, metal light fixtures, exposed stone, and leather chairs are all features of the rustic style. The color palette for rustic tends to be a little darker, but still has a mixture of the neutral colors throughout the design.


Photo Credit: https://www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/a23611149/traditional-design/

Traditional interior designs are probably the most common style because they can be customized to fit any personality and a lot of other styles are rooted in this base style. Most of the elements in traditional design are basic, such as a beige couch, simple circle end tables, or a square glass coffee table. Small accents like a brightly colored rug or an oddly shaped light fixture are what adds a pop-of-color or flair to this style. Also, wingback chairs are a staple when designing a traditional interior. Add small simple items like a silver tray, an iron basket, or a low-key piece of wall art to add to the flow of the traditional style.


Photo Credit: https://freshome.com/defining-style-series-contemporary-design

Some people confuse contemporary and modern interior designs, because, like rustic and farmhouse, they are very similar. Contemporary involves designs that are popular right now. Modern can mean any sort of design style from the 1950s to the early 2000s. Contemporary design joins squared furniture, shiny metals, glass pieces, overall clean lines, and minimum decor pieces. You will also see lots of neutral colors, stripes, matte finishes, and geometric shapes. One of the absolute keys of this style is the artwork. Pieces of art that are made up of linear shapes and a color palette that is easy on the eyes are the heart of contemporary.

At Mills Floral Company we can help you decorate for any style that suits you. From farmhouse to contemporary, we have something that will fit your decor design.