Subtle Fall Touches

Published October 11, 2018

We want your home to look it’s best throughout the fall season, that’s why we suggest these tips for subtly decorating your home for fall. If you love fall just as much as we do then your fall decorations probably went up at midnight on September 22, ushering in the autumn equinox. Splashes of ruby red and burnt orange scattered across your home. On the other hand, maybe you haven’t gotten around to putting up those decorations just yet and are looking for a different style this fall season.

It’s never too late to decorate for fall, so that’s why this year consider using fall decorations that have a subtle, elegant look. The key to this look is to decorate for the holiday season in a way in which it matches your current color scheme and can be quickly updated to match the next season. For example, adding a wicker basket to an end table filled with faux cotton balls, but then can be quickly switched to snowy pine cones for winter.

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Decorate with muted colors such as cremes, light oranges, burgundies, and neutrals to give your home a classic, softer look rather than a bright jack-o-lantern orange. Plaids can give your home that warm and fuzzy feeling, so in addition to your new fall decorations, drape a plaid blanket over the arm of your couch to invite guests to snuggle up and relax.


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Pull in metal and natural elements as well, like cotton or acorns, to give your home an outside rustic fall feeling inside. Another alluring and aesthetically pleasing piece to add to your home are white pumpkins, inside and outside. They look great beside your front door with your house number or a monogrammed letter painted on it, giving your house an upscale look.

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Adding wired baskets to a space and filling them with apples, small pumpkins or anything natural can really help set the tone that fall is in the air. Setting up a basket full of fruit as the centerpiece of a coffee or dining room table is also a must.


Birch branches in a glass vase is another small touch that can get your home in the autumn mood. Branches and twigs can be used in centerpieces, in existing floral arrangements, or in an entryway so your guests get that wisp of fall right as they enter your home. Any wood pieces tied with twine can also add that touch of the outside to your home. Then when December comes around you can spray paint the branches and twigs white to give your home a winter, ice castle ambiance.

And finally, the cherry on top of any newly decorated space is to light candles that smell like the appropriate season. Apples, cinnamon, blackberries, and cedar trees are all smells of the season to perfectly match your fall home décor.

By combining these small décor pieces to your home, you can keep your year-round décor in tack while adding fall pieces that will match any home décor style. Then when winter comes, you can continue your neutral, subtle theme that way you won’t have to change much for Christmas.

Pretty soon your home will look like something right out of a magazine and you’ll be kicking up your heals, snuggled up with a good book, sipping cider.

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Photo credit (room scenes): Country Living
Feature Image credit (white pumpkins): Town & Country Magazine

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