GUEST BLOGGER: Spring Tablescape

Published on April 25, 2019

Today we welcome another amazing guest blogger, Jeanette with Baycreek & Co. We met Jeanette and her husband at the Atlanta AmericasMart in January and have quickly fallen in love with their family and their shop. Located in Erie, Michigan, their brick and mortar shop is only open 4 days a month, where they offer vintage and handmade decor. Each month Jeanette and her family redesign their shop with beautiful decor pieces in the most amazing designs you have ever seen. We highly suggest checking them out on social media to see more pictures of their shop. She is an amazing designer and we are so excited she is collaborating with us this week. In today's blog, Jeanette will be discussing how to create a beautiful spring tablescape. Stay tuned to the end to watch a video of how it was created.


Happy spring everyone! Today I am going to talk about creating a spring tablescape that both inspires you and is incredibly easy to create! When creating a tablescape, I tend to work from the very middle of the table out. I like to have my centerpiece picked out first and go from there.

For the centerpiece, I chose these glass vases that were made to tilt to the side and filled them with whimsy florals and lemon water. You can find these fun vases and the little wooden stool at the Baycreek and Co May Market next week.


Spring is all about the earth coming to life with growing flowers, veggies and fruits. Green grass starts to come to life and so do farmers markets! So I decided to visit our local market and see what I could find to add in some earthy tones and bring a little bit of the outside in!


I had all the bowls, vases, plates and napkins on hand so this entire table costs me a total of $20 for the market fresh flowers and fruit! I think this color palette feels airy, fresh and exactly like spring should!

If you do not have all of those items on hand, the good news is, you can use what you have on hand. If you decide to invest in new pieces to get this look, choose versatile designs as an investment and you will use them in your decor and kitchen over and over again!


If you are interested in watching this table come together step by step, you can visit our YouTube channel here!

[youtube ]

We are also on Instagram or Facebook if you decide you need more inspiration, we would love to hear from you!

I hope you enjoyed this spring tablescape and we look forward to meeting you on our other social sites!! Have a fantastic spring!

- Jeanette & Mike


We can't thank Jeanette enough for putting together such an amazing blog for us. Definitely, go check them out on social media and show them some love. We hope that this blog has inspired you to create a fun and inviting spring space in your home this season.