Decorating Tips for 2019

Published January 17, 2019

Welcome to a new year! And with a new year, comes new year’s resolutions. So, this year instead of starting a new diet to lose weight why don’t you start a decorating resolution to get your home in style in 2019. Redecorating your home for the new year doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, you can use what you already have while only buying a few items that you absolutely love to add to your décor. Today we want to discuss some simple décor tips you can use to spruce up your home for the new year.

Choose a color scheme

If your home is somewhat bland, with all neutral colors, consider adding a color scheme to each room and adding accessories that match that color as an extra pop. You could even paint an accent wall with your color choice. Making slight changes to the appearance of your home will brighten the time you spend in your home.


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A lot our wreaths and décor pieces are great for adding that something extra pop or creating a focal point for your room. Replace a boring picture with a bright and colorful wreath for each season.

The Magnolia Apple wreath (top right) would look great in a red kitchen!

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Asymmetrical Designs Are Always In

If you are someone who has to have everything perfectly inline, why not try something a little out of the box this year with an asymmetrical design scheme. Going asymmetrical makes your home feel more natural and not so posed, because face it, how many things in nature are actually perfectly symmetrical?


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It's ok to have objects to one side or the other. It makes for an interesting focal point for your home. Arranging picture frames on a wall in an asymmetrical pattern gives a room a breath of fresh air. Adding abstract art is also a great feature to update a room.


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Add Natural Elements

It's widely known that getting outside in the fresh air can do a body good on many levels. Sometimes you just need some fresh air to think straight, well why not bring the outside in? More and more designers are bringing natural elements into their clients' homes. Whether you are creating a rock feature wall or adding a natural bamboo coffee table to your living room, this is a trend that has been escalating for the last few years.


We offer many natural home decor items that would dress up any home to bring the outside in. From cotton to our French lavender, use some of our natural elements this year and breathe new life into your home.


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Mix and Match Patterns and Textures

In the past, some have said that it is a sin to mix clashing design elements, like patterns and textures but in today's world designing out of the box is what is in. Stylish homes these days have non-matching elements that can add a very funky vibe to a home, like in the below photos.


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If you are going for a more masculine feel in a room, mix together leathers, metals, and woods. Contrasting colors are ok too! feel free to let your imagination run while when creating a space that will make you comfortable. Mixing and matching patterns give a room some dimension and despite all of these elements, there is still balance and cohesiveness in each of the above rooms.

A new year, means new beginnings, begin 2019 in a stylish way. Create a space that makes you happy and lets your style shine.

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