A Mossy New Trend

Published May 23, 2019

Moss. That annoying plant you find in moist-shady areas like the forest floor or stuck on the side of a rock or tree. There are over 12,000 species of mosses across the world and today it is being used in some interesting ways. You can dress a wound with moss, dried moss is extremely flammable, and depending on the species it can be waterproof! But the newest use is in your home decor. It may seem a little strange to have moss as a part of your home decor, but that trend does seem to be on the upswing.

This trend has become so popular because people want to get back to nature and simplicity. Having a home that brings out your organic side and helps you relax is what people are looking for. Using moss throughout your home is just one way that people are trying to bring nature indoors. Cotton, herbs, and dried goods are just a few things to make your home look more natural. We have had such a huge request for farmhouse and rustic themed items and its because they are simple and have a classic look.

From table runners to ribbon moss to vase fillers and more - moss is in! We offer many moss products like moss balls, ribbon moss, and bulk moss.

With the current trend in mind, we wanted to take it one step further. Mills Floral has designed our very own line of moss wall art. Made here in the USA by us, our new moss wall art pieces are sure to appease your need for green.


You can purchase the frames filled with moss in two different stains - a classic brown or soft grey. They also can be purchased on a canvas (see photos below)! Your moss choices are mood moss and two different reindeer mosses. These mosses have been dried and preserved for a natural look throughout each season. Treat these pieces like you would our preserved boxwood products - lightly mist once a month and keep out of direct sunlight!

We have spent a good bit of time around these mosses and you have probably seen them before as well, but we were wondering how they got their names and what are the big differences between them.


Reindeer Moss

Reindeer Moss is a bushy, branched lichen that is enjoyed by reindeer, moose, caribou and other animals in the deer family and is usually found on the ground in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. In the country of Scandinavia, it has even been used in making alcohol! Reindeer moss grows the most quickly in spring and fall when there is high humidity and/or cool temperatures. The texture feels like that of a sponge and is light and airy. It only grows a few centimeters tall on the forest floor and tends to be a white-grey color. Mills Floral reindeer moss has been dyed (see photo above) to bring a pop of green to any space of your home. Over centuries reindeer moss has been used for many medicinal purposes. In the Middle-Ages people use this lichen to treat colds, arthritis, fevers, constipation, convulsions as well as whooping cough. And in the 18th-century lichens were first used as a drug to help with jaundice, rabies and restore hair loss.


Mood Moss

Mood moss is a thick, lush and velvety feeling moss that is usually about 3 to 4 inches thick. Compared to other mosses, mood moss will break from the ground in large clumps rather than small pieces like reindeer moss does. Mood moss is a vivarium plant, which means the moss can adapt to life in an enclosed container; great for terrariums. Once they have been established in a new home, plants like this moss will thrive in a controlled environment. The name "mood moss" comes from the way this unique plant can change its aesthetics based on its surroundings and the moisture in the air. If there is lots of humidity, mood moss will be fluffy and vivid in color. When it is dryer outside, it can be thinner and stringy. Its color can range from yellowish-green to a dark green color. Our mood moss is dried and is perfect in any farmhouse or rustic home that wants a natural vibe.

Our team has handcrafted each piece of these frames and canvas' to provide our customers with the highest quality product on the market.


Moss Wall Art Exclusively by Mills Floral Company

mood-moss-frame-24-inch-gray-2 Moss Wall Art 24" SQ - Mood Moss - Grey Stain

moss-frame-brown Moss Wall Art from Left to Right: 16" SQ Spring Green Brown Stain, 16" SQ Mood Moss Brown Stain, and 16" SQ Chartreuse Brown Stain

MOSS WALL ART CANVAS - CHARTREUSE 12 x 24 Canvas Moss Wall Art 12" x 24" - Chartreuse

MOSS WALL ART CANVAS - SPRING GREEN 12 SQ Canvas Moss Wall Art 12" SQ - Spring Green

We hope today's post has been educational and has inspired you to add a little more green to your home the next time you go to redecorate.



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