When Linda Mills began making her own grapevine wreaths near her Missouri home in the early 1970s, she had no idea where one day that would lead. As she gathered pine cones from city parks and waded local farm ponds for lotus pods, she couldn’t imagine the path upon which she was about to embark. Making her own straw wreaths and utilizing other natural items to make wreaths and arrangements was only the beginning of what was to eventually become Mills Floral Company. Those early days in Missouri - and later in Georgia-laid the foundation for what has become a major corporation with sales in all 50 states and a major contributor to the nation’s floral and home decorative market. The company also has markets in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

   Mills Floral Company is a family-owned and operated wholesale/importer/distributor of decorative items for the home and floral market. After humble beginnings in the basement their Georgia home, Linda and her family started with dried and preserved florals along with several botanicals. First drawing from growers in California, Oregon and Washington, and then quickly expanding to suppliers in The Netherlands, Israel, Latin America, the Philippines and China, the groundwork for Mills Floral Company was established. The company was incorporated in March 1989. Today, it’s 30 years old and still growing, with headquarters in Duluth, Georgia.

Changes in the economy, along with changes in the demand for natural products have allowed Mills Floral Company to expand its product mix, and thus, grow its customer base.  Today the company specializes in products for gift shops, florists, garden centers, interior designers, furniture companies, manufacturers and large chain stores.  And recently, the company has expanded sales to online catalog stores, event and party planners, rental companies, visual merchandising companies and other specialty markets.

   Back in the mid-1980s, with Linda and her family working out of their Georgia home, they developed a line of craft-related items based on eucalyptus wreaths and other items made with natural materials.  That start led to more finished items and eventually to having decorative products manufactured overseas.  Today, the company is making a strong effort to support and purchase more American-made and grown items including various natural materials. There is a concentrated effort to find and recycle furniture products using real wood from barns.

   The company has become an industry leader in the discovery, design and development of unique floral-related home and office decorative items.  But it was from those modest and humble beginnings gathering natural botanicals that created the essence of Mills Floral Company. Those early days helped define the company’s emphasis on customer service, quality products and competitive pricing. And despite its growth and role in today’s home accessory market, Mills Floral Company still retains those same family-oriented values of honesty and integrity that have stood the test of 30 years in business.

We look forward to doing business with you!