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The Autumn Splendor Wreath is a true celebration of the season's rich palette, boasting an 18-inch expanse of faux foliage that masterfully mimics the changing colors of nature. With leaves transitioning from deep greens to warm oranges and reds, this wreath captures the quintessential feeling of fall. Berries in shades of crimson dot the wreath, lending an organic texture and depth that invites closer admiration. Yellow blossoms intersperse subtly among the leaves, providing delicate accents that suggest the last blooms before winter's arrival. Designed for longevity and ease, the wreath's artful assembly ensures that it remains vibrant and full-bodied without any upkeep. It offers a hearty welcome in communal spaces and serves as a captivating centerpiece, bringing a seasonal spirit that is perennially in style. The Autumn Splendor Wreath is a homage to the fleeting beauty of fall, promising to infuse any environment with its everlasting charm.

• Dimensions: 18 Inch
• SKU: 5221Q1001
• Minimum Purchase: 2
( price shown is for 1; must be purchased in quantities of 2 )

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