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The Autumn Grass Wreath captures the essence of fall's splendor with its dynamic array of faux grasses and florals in a stunning 18-inch display. The fiery cascade of yellow and orange hues evokes the whimsical dance of autumn leaves, complemented by subtle hints of white berries and delicate sprigs that add an unexpected contrast to the warm palette. Expertly arranged, the faux botanicals offer a rustic yet refined aesthetic that is both enduring and inviting. The wispy grasses and foliage create a sense of movement, as if a gentle autumn breeze were perpetually passing through. This wreath is a celebration of fall's transitional beauty, perfect for creating an engaging focal point in a variety of settings. Its maintenance-free appeal guarantees a lasting vibrancy that will endure season after season, making it a versatile and worry-free addition to any space. Whether it graces a door, wall, or mantel, the Autumn Grass Wreath is a stylish testament to the enchanting allure of the harvest season.

• Dimensions: 18 Inch
• SKU: 5220Q1001
• Minimum Purchase: 2
( price shown is for 1; must be purchased in quantities of 2 )

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